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Invasive Plant Management


Vegetation Control Service specializes in multi-acre invasive plant species management and control.

Invasive plant species are generally non-native plants that out-compete native vegetation and take over the landscape. Some of these species have the ability to kill trees in a forest. Others restrict the establishment of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Most decrease the food and habitat of our native plants, animals and insect.

Some of the common invasive plants include:

  • Gossy buckthorn
  • Multiflora rose
  • Asiatic bittersweet
  • Honeysuckle
  • Japanese barberry
  • Autumn olive
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Phragmites
  • Winged euonymus (burning bush)

Vegetation Control Service has an integrated vegetation management approach to invasive projects. We identify invasive plant species and develop ongoing management plans. Then, we use various selective management techniques, including chemical, mechanical, cultural & natural methods, which include preventative scouting.

Japanese knotweed Japanese Knotweed    
Winged Euonymus Winged Euonymus    
Bittersweet Bittersweet    
Phragmites Phragmites    
Purple Loosestrife    
Multiflora Rose    
Common Buckthorn    
Japanese Barberry    
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