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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

Plant Growth Regulators, or PGRs, are a class of chemicals or chemical application rates that control the growth of vegetation (primarily grasses) without killing it. This technique of vegetation management can save organizations in both the private and public sectors significant resources in landscape maintenance, by reducing the need for routine mowing and trimming. It also promotes safety, prevents erosion and provides aesthetic benefits.

How it works: PGRs typically affect the top growth of the plant, inhibiting cell elongation (growth) and seed head formation. Root formation is not affected, in fact it is typically enhanced as the plant puts the energy it would normally put into vegetation growth into root growth. Turf may exhibit temporary browning at the leaf tips, but often grows darker green in response to healthier root systems. Treatment usually lasts for six to eight weeks and two treatments (May and September), may be required for season-long control. Generally, broadleaf weed control is also applied with PGR treatments to control broadleaf weed species that might otherwise crowd out turf grasses. We can also add in a liquid fertilizer, if deemed helpful, to improve the grass and give it a rich green color.

Good PGR candidates:

  • Office and academic campuses
  • Municipal grounds maintenance
  • Cemeteries and parks
  • Golf courses
  • Erosion control dikes and earthen dams
  • Highway road sides
  • Security fence lines

Industrial PGR candidates:

  • Fuel tank farm dike walls
  • Gas gate station lawns
  • Electrical substation lawns

PGR is very affective for roadside turf maintenance along guiderails, mile-marker delineators, signposts and especially in ramp and merge areas. PGR in these areas not only reduces maintenance requirements, but also promotes driver safety by maintaining clear sight lines.

Application: PGR treatments can be applied by conventional spraying methods on dry turf areas any time during the growing season, preferably three days before or three days after mowing for best results.

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