Invasive Plant management

Vegetation Control Service specializes in multi-acre invasive plant species management and control.

Invasive plant species are generally non-native plants that out-compete native vegetation and take over the landscape. Additionally some of these species have the ability to kill trees in a forest. Then, there are others which restrict the establishment of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Finally these species decrease the food and habitat of our native plants, animals and insect.

Because of this Vegetation Control Service has an integrated vegetation management approach to invasive projects. For this reason we identify invasive plant species and develop ongoing management plans. Then, we use various selective management techniques, including chemical, mechanical, cultural & natural methods, which include preventative scouting.

Invasive Species Gallary:

Japanese Barberry
Common Buckthorn
Mutiflora Rose
Winged Euonymos

Purple Loosestrife
Japanese Knotweed